Full-Service Real Estate Agents

In today's market, real estate commissions can amount to tens of thousands of dollars. The sums are no small matter to most people, and of course, many folks want to save money so they choose the least expensive way to go. The question is this: Is it worthwhile to spend the extra on commissions to get a full-service real estate agent? The answer is: Yes and No - it just depends.

Knowing The Market

First of all, the type of market you are buying or selling in has a great bearing on the matter. If you are selling in a seller's market (which means houses are being snapped up faster than they can be listed), then you won't have to wait long for a sale. The big issue is whether you will get top dollar for your home. Sometimes an agent can help ensure you are getting all you can from your property. If the market is a buyer's market, then there's a glut of homes out there waiting to sell and, if you are planning to list your house in this kind of market, then the help of a full-service agent can be priceless.

You Get Both The Agent And The Company

An agent who is earning a full commission, not discounted or negotiated down to the lowest possible number, has the incentive to work hard for you. Not only do they personally make themselves available for whatever is needed, but full-service companies have a lot of clout as well. A full-service company projects an image of professionalism and quality. Full color brochures and flyers are sent out by direct mail rather than delivered by kids on foot, and everything is done first-class.

Showing With Impact

Your full-service agent will show your home with taste and finesse. Because s/he is being paid well to do a good job, when it comes to a showing, you can be sure your agent will take every buyer through the house and point out the things that are important for that particular buyer to know. An excellent agent will be able to listen to both sides of the equation and can often determine what points are winners for prospective buyers.

The Psychology Of Sales

Full-service agents have the benefit of training beyond that required for their licenses. Ongoing training through their agency/company often provides specific training in understanding people and how they think, act, reason, and buy. This is invaluable information, especially when it comes to finding the right buyer for your home. Full-service agents counsel buyers by asking questions of the sellers. Why did they buy the house in the first place? Often, these are the very things that will sell the house to someone else. Psychology of sales is an important aspect and good agents are very aware of this fact.

Real estate is a highly competitive business and those agents who win listings are usually those who have excellent negotiating skills. When you consider that you have to be persuaded to pay a reasonable commission, and you agree to it, then that person will likely be the best person to persuade a buyer to pay a higher price for your home.