What Are You Looking For In An Agent?

How Do You Find A Good Agent?

None of us wants to look bad, nor would we dream of telling anyone all of our negative qualities, especially when we want them to hire us for a job. Real estate agents are no different. Depending upon the questions you ask, the person answering may tailor the answers to fit the needs, even if s/he can't deliver on the promises. People who belong to the NAR (National Association of Realtors) have to commit to a Code of Ethics in order to be part of that organization. But, what about all of the real estate agents who aren't bound by a code of ethics? How do you sift through the mire to find an agent who has all of the qualities you're after and isn't kidding when s/he says "I'll work hard for you"?

In this site you will find different articles with questions to ask and things to look for, however, in this particular article, we'll look at the process from the perspective of individuals who have purchased homes over the years. As with any purchase, there are some things that are consistent in expectations. Other things are bonus items, and still others may appear on the "wish list" of what would be nice if....

Call Me!

Let's start out with communication. How many times have you called your agent or sent an email and not received a response? Or, the response came three days later and wasn't very clear? We all know that real estate agents can be very busy people, especially in a hot market. Having said that, a call back or acknowledgment within 24 hours is not only appreciated but lets you know the agent is paying attention.

While we're on communication...

Even though most buyers and sellers are overall very intelligent people, there are some things they're not versed in that real estate people are-so it would be great if the agent spoke normal English rather than "industry speak". An awareness of the pitfalls that can lie ahead for a person making a home purchase is another great item that can be communicated-especially if the new buyer is very young and inexperienced in real estate. All of this notwithstanding the fact that it's not the agent's job to teach his clients all he knows. Still, it would be nice to have some information that is useful and easy to understand.

Are You Listening To Me?

The gift of gab is a necessary tool in sales. Even more important is the gift of listening. If the agent isn't paying attention to what you are saying, asking for, showing him or her, or responding to, then the question becomes whether they even care about what you want. Sometimes an agent thinks s/he knows better than you what would be best for you. If you feel like your agent is acting more like your mother did when you were a little kid, it's time to find someone else.

All I Want Is A Little Respect

Professionalism has many facets and the cornerstone should be respect and courtesy to the client. Whether you are buying or selling a home, your agent must have your needs forefront in the deal and should be listening to you. Of course, s/he has more experience and knowledge in the field, and it is important to listen to what is being said. However, if the conversation derails to complaining on the part of the agent, we would suggest this individual is not operating as a professional and you might consider finding someone else.